Monday, 3 January 2011

First attempts: Car light trails

On the way home during the holidays I decided to stop at a motorway bridge and snap a couple of long exposure shots of the car-lights.
This is my first real attempt at this, since my previous camera (Canon PowerShot G1) had an exposure limit of 8 seconds, which isn't great for car light trails.
I got a couple of okay ones, one at 60 seconds shutter time and one at 200 seconds.  Both are taken at f/9 and ISO-100 to get a clear photo with little noise.



 I will try this again soon and post my results, I am currently trying to find the perfect spot for this kind of photography, as these photos are definitely not taken at a great location.


  1. hello sir...
    i am new with DSLR...
    Can you teach me how to take nice photo using DSLR??

    You can share it with me.

    Newbie DSLR

  2. I am new to DLSR photography myself, that is why I have made this blog, to get some feedback on my pictures and share my experiences with other people.
    I can recommend a really great online guide, this is the one that I have used, to learn the basics of using my DLSR.