Friday, 7 January 2011

First attempts: Monochrome Photography

A few days ago it was really gray, which gives a really dull and boring photo, colours need light to really come alive.
So instead of trying to get bright, radiant colours out of nothing, best remove the colours all together and make a monochrome photo (black and white).
Although great monochrome pictures can be taken without radient colours, it still requires high contrast areas, otherwise it wouldn't be easy to see details in the photo.



In this picture I wanted it to look a little old-fashioned, but still with the clarity and quality of a modern photo, I achieved this by snapping the picture in RAW-format and converting it on the computer, also I took this picture as an HDR (High Dynamic Range), meaning that I took 3 photos with different exposures to get better contrast in the image.

These pictures were taken with the same technique as the previous, but processed a little differently on the computer.

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